Corporate Olympics is an “Olympic-style” multi sport event which will have participation from various corporate companies of Hyderabad.  The employees of the participating companies compete against each other in a variety of sporting events.

Without any doubt, this will be the largest corporate sports event ever held in Hyderabad where employees and executives from different sectors will compete for supremacy.

The Games will help promote teamwork, health and fitness, employee bonding, and are a great way to have a lot of fun.

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It is a team building event that will bring together people from the same organization, playing as one, competing together, outside their daily routine

It is a week-end of fun, where employees will get to know each other, where the Seniors and the Juniors will play as one, meet each others families and children

It is a great fun to meet athletes of other companies, sometimes from the business competitor, compete with a smile

There were instances in the past when the competing teams were able to meet their potential clients during the games resulting in business level advantages

The employees can wear their company t-shirts which will provide them the Publicity

Corporate Olympics will be the best people’s investment a  company can make!!!

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About Organizer

RosePetals is a sports management company based out of Hyderabad, India. The passion in sports drove us to start this initiative in 2009 & we have conducted several sports events since then.

We have earned the reputation of the corporate houses in a short span of time which is due to the professionalism shown by us in conducting such events. We do not compromise on the standards, thus ensure that the corporate executives are happy which ensures that they repeat participating in our sports events.

We are crazy about sports and we love what we do. We BREATHE Sports which is what our caption is.

About HCO

Hyderabad Corporate Olympics is an first-of-its-kind annual inter-corporate multi sports event held in Hyderabad since 2011 exclusively for the executives of corporate houses of Hyderabad / Telangana.

The First edition in 2011 had participation from 57 companies which bulged to 160 companies in the Seventh edition in 2017. Over 5800 corporate executives participated in the last edition. DELOITTE were the CHAMPIONS; TECHMAHINDRA, the RUNNER-UP CHAMPIONS and VERIZON, the 2nd RUNNER-UP CHAMPIONS in the Sixth Edition. In fact, Deloitte are the Champions right from the beginning of this event.

The EIGHTH EDITION will have about 7000 participants from over 170 corporate companies competing against each other for the title. This edition will have 15 sports disciplines making it the largest corporate sports event ever held in Hyderabad where employees and executives from different sectors will compete for supremacy.

A wide assortment of sports are conducted over a period of 2 months at local venues. Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals are awarded to the winners of each event. Based on the number of points earned, we award the Ultimate Prize – CHAMPIONS TROPHY.

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Please submit your basic information and your queries here.

Email us at hcolympics@gmail.com; or call us at 9642699877 for any information.